Hello and Welcome!

I invite you to click around and get acquainted! This website rapidly grew out of the previous one when I knew there was so much I was passionate about, I wanted you to be able to see it all at first glance. You can also see the Latest entry easily to tune in to what I’m focusing on at the moment. Life is changing so fast that I’m continuously inspired and frequently challenged by all I want to learn and discover. Everything Becky is the perfect venue for me to expose my art, my adventures and the parts of life most meaningful for me.

I love community and the thread of spirit that unites us so I’ll enjoy turning you on to some of the people, places and cool stuff I’m always seeking. Feel free to do the same!

My passion for travel was born of the depth of understanding and friendships I’ve made in some of the most forgotten corners of our world. Truly, peace on earth begins in the heart.

My art defines me. It is the bridge to my soul. My heart beats wilder when I paint and create and I’d love for you to see it.

In what can be a spiritually malnourished humanity, I pray we come together knowing the truth that pervades all things. Please make yourself at home here.