I’ve always been enchanted by the power of art, I bought books on techniques, went to see wonderful art, read about artists and their lives and watched from the outside looking through the window like a child’s wish to make it real.

It was that obsession paired with opportunity that Life allowed me to dip my in the waters of creativity. It unleashed the revelatory journey that continues to teach me about patience, trust, belief, completion, consistency and the essence of my human soul that yearns to see something emerge out of seemingly nothing.

It is my poignant hope and expectation that the channel will open and the magic unfold, every time I stand before a painting, from beginning to end. The process is the blessing, and I’ve learned what being present means in life.

My body of work explores the ancient method of encaustic painting with melted wax, oil paint, and mixed media. There is initial intention inspired by faces, by the sea, by the plant kingdom and then the projects unfold and evolve into their own expressions. Travel has influenced my art via the relationships and memories where I believe that peace on earth is initiated, heart to heart. Science has influenced me deeply, and also my quest to unravel ancient sacred geometry and the newest latest theories in medicine and in exploration of space. In all these areas, shapes repeat, unknown becomes known, colors are newly created and movement including stillness is essential. The whole of it is thrilling to me. I expect my work to change and morph into the newest greatest version of myself evolves.

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