Living Life on March 23, 2014

There’s no turning the tide on a tsunami! I’m not sure why I was born the child with a zillion desires and insatiable curiosity but I’m afflicted and I may as well like it! So I had this idea at the beginning of this year.  What if I took the major things I want to learn and accomplish and  focus on each one for 30 days?  Exhilarated,  I went to my studio, took 6 feet of butcher paper and had a blast writing my plan. The next day, because a plan is impotent without a schedule, I worked out how these would fit together on a timeline. I also included prep time before each of the 30 day segments so I could hit the ground running. There would also be things like learning my guitar that would need to be on a maintenance program where I’d need to play a little each day and Spanish that requires repetition. These required that I insert time and I configured my 12 months and I was totally stoked!

Plus, If I were to truly orchestrate this year, committed to measurable improvement, and on December 31 look back on the sense of fulfillment, it would be the stuff of legends. You see, the list is exhaustive and pretty much nuts.

So here’s the good part, the essential part and the honest to God secret: we keep hearing that it’s the ‘journey’ rather than the destination. Right? But I want both. I’m not doing this so I can say I did it. I’m not doing this so I can finally have some relief from my constant dabbling, the Everything Becky thing. In fact, I’m never going to be ‘done’ with all that tempts my attention until my last breath. I’m not doing it for fame and bright lights.  It’s simply and beautifully for the joy ride. And that’s profound for me because it’s not measurable except by how the entire process makes me feel.

Here’s the tricky part: To know your progress in any given subject, you need to know what you want to accomplish on Day 30.  Right? But that involves paying attention to what’s not yet accomplished. And now you have split energy which is why this whole notion started for me in the first place, being unhappy with my progress on all these subjects. And it’s not a joy ride unless you can love the whole thing.  What’s amazing is that while I was completely ready to jump in to this process, the scheduled kitchen and living room remodel began. What??? Tearing down walls and nail guns and electric saws and questions and answers and making a pretend kitchen in a closet and budgets and little Murphy?

So here it is March. Three months in to 2014 already! I swear, I’m not throwing in the towel on my Master Plan. I’m not. At first I thought, oh great, I’m being pulled in so many directions that the time I spent planning and excited about my magnificent 2014 plan was shot. But here I am in boot camp, in the thick of training myself to love what is, love the daily unfolding and revealing of even the small amount of progress on an improvement that  I wanted!  A wall comes down, I get to see what was behind it in this 1926 house that has lived through two world wars!  I get to create the happy work environment and the talented people who work here. I get to learn to be flexible and grateful and open to fun new ideas. All this is a concert with the Conductor In The Sky teaching me what components are necessary for my Master Plan to reveal what I never would have known could be had it not been ‘interrupted’ with a home remodel.

While this project moves forward, my 30 Day Project is also gaining momentum with all the distinctions I’m making which are more evolved and profound because I have surrendered the timeline in order to learn and experience key ingredients to making it work. Here’s what else is cool. As it reveals itself to me and evolves, many friends have asked to come on the ride too using their dreams for their versions of learning new art forms or playing riffs on an acoustic guitar or speaking fluent Spanish or kickstarting their projects with the honest inspiration that evokes miracles!

This year is a powerful one, major changes are already occurring personally and globally. I honestly know no-one who isn’t experiencing the pull or push of this whether it’s great news or that which causes deep introspection, including me. I’m choosing to discipline my mind and my moods to look for what’s working in myself and in others. The other is too devastating and it seems like there’s a magnifying glass on all our ups and downs so I’m declaring to you, my dear friends, that I’m no longer comparing myself against others or  in judgement of myself or others as best I can, each day anew. That is low level consciousness and can only create suffering. This is one of the greatest secrets of life. And it’s working!  I love you so much!


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