Peace Begins in the Heart

Art on December 2, 2016

Peace Begins in the Heart
36″ X 36″
Oil and Encaustic

I opened my mail one day to find a brochure asking for donations to its very worthwhile cause, preventing blindness and correcting eye diseases in developing nations. This man nearly made me cry, he looked so grateful to be seeing what we often take for granted. This photograph was taken by Jon Kaplan ( for the Seva Foundation whose mission alleviates suffering caused by disease and poverty.

It was near Christmas when I was working on this piece and I knew I wanted to write its title in kanji on the front. A friend was helping decorate my home and brought with him a Japanese woman who helped me write the characters: Peace Begins In The Heart. This piece became my holiday card in 2010.

Peace begins in-process

This brochure came from the Seva Foundation which works to restore eyesight in developing countries. The joy and wonder in this man’s eyes touched me.

Peace Begins in-process 2


Peace Begins Holiday card

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