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Cool Stuff on April 4, 2011

  • Right now I’m loving this sunny Sunday in Spring and feeling so grateful that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience!

  • Right now I’m enjoying the aftermath of the Clean Program 21 day cleanse and the lack of negative badgering self talk I used to victimize myself with!
  • Right now I’m enjoying my Taylor guitar that i just picked back up again after a long pause. “She wants to make music now that she’s no longer a tree!” quote: Fred, the wizard guitar tech at Repair Zone!
  • Right now I’m back from a long morning walk with Murphy who begs me with those eyes to play when I want/need to write! What a treasure it is to have this critter in my life.

  • Right now I’m doing the math and how to divide the grand total of hours in my day: practice guitar, do my Spanish homework, work on the painting I have going, visit family, work out, read the Sunday NY Times, take Murph for a spin and eat something healthy and yummy.

  • Right now I’m so grateful that I have so many choices to decide how to be, how to feel and how to make those things a contribution to a world that needs love and happiness.
End of a beautiful day!
End of a beautiful day!

Everything counts! Have a great week. You are the only one like you in all the Universe! and I for one, am grateful for you.


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