Solitude and Silence

Art on August 31, 2018

Solitude and Silence
48″ X 48″
Oil on Board



It’s rare for me to find and paint an image that will define the entire work and when I saw the woman in the center of this painting requesting silence, I knew I must honor it. I’m a meditator and it has taken time, patience and commitment to be able to gain access to the place in our brains that govern the EEG signature we are transmitting. Intuition, coherence between the brain waves and the EKG heart waves, heighten my senses that originate for me from my meditation practice. In this place I can scratch through ‘reality’ and enter the Divine Universe where all things are connected. The dance of these images then come together to prove that under and over it all, love has no uttermost.

I embark on the journey of a painting through images from nature and my travels, from photographs submitted to me for consideration and those who give their permission to include them in my work. Since these paintings take months to complete, at first the images seem disparate as I add them to
the white background and then in a moment of epiphany, (sounds dramatic) they begin to reveal a theme or story. At last when it feels appropriate I begin the process of connecting them in relevant ways until the painting itself says ‘Done!’.

Ernst Haeckel, one of the earliest explorers travelled the world in a wooden ship to find new lands and creatures which continues to inspire architects, scientists and artists with his drawings. Many of his images populate my art because without his drive to inform mankind of the majesty of our Earth, we would be deprived

The tiger’s eye speaks to gentle strength, the babies in a heart are united in love separated by the thinnest veil which reminds me of the transition of life and death and beyond. The cow was inspired as I walked down a dusty path in India and saw graffiti on a concrete wall in a vacant lot. As I painted the halo, it dawned on me it was a sacred cow, a holy cow! I’ve been teased that the triangular image at the bottom looks like fancy pizza! It is the instrument created in the 1600s by Johannes Hevelius and survived the fire that nearly destroyed it. He devoted his life to the measurement of the constellations.

When I saw the image of the explorer within the eye, I got the theme of this piece in that moment! The filter through which we see our inner world shapes and focuses our experience, in the case of this painting, the necessity for silence and solitude. The artist is Enkel Dika @enkeldikaart and he’s a fabulous illustrator. The Octopus playing card was graciously allowed by Hi My Name Is Mark Playing Cards, and if you know me, I’m crazy about those otherworldly creatures. Please don’t eat them! And the owl, well, we know they are focused and wise and mystical. And that includes bees which occupy most of my pieces and we can’t live without them. The diagram of the ‘dance’ they do in order to inform their compatriots where the best flower nectar is makes my heart infinitely grateful. Perhaps this painting can speak to you of the one wild and precious life we have borrowed from Infinity and to stop for a few minutes to reflect on all that is good. Thank you for your time and curiosity!



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