The Greatest Concierge

Perspective on January 29, 2013

I was born on a full moon on July 12.  As a little girl I would gaze at the stars from my rectangular window pane and sing to them. The notion of coming from stardust is enchanting to me. The moon is always my ally.

Several years ago while having lunch with Deepak Chopra soon after the death of his father, he told me about a visit he had paid to their family priest in India. The family records were kept there and dated farther back than he had expected and he shared with me a revelation that has woven its way through my life these past years. He spoke of his wife Rita and their children and the great convergence it took for them to be here now by all who needed to be placed in exactly the right town in India, a country of 1 billion people. They needed to cross paths at an exact time under romantic circumstances, get married or be promised to someone for marriage, be able to bear the exact children of the exact gender that would continue the family lineage until now. Somehow Providence has always had a hand in how things turn out.  I loved the story and the implications of how I am guided and chosen and watched over by The Infinite.

This morning that story resurrected itself for me in a wonderful way. I woke early and walked outside in the silent dark morning to take Murphy my little Havanese, out for his morning constitutional. The moon was full, shining through the trees, leaving a golden strip of reflection on the ocean below. I offered up a prayer of admiration and gratitude and noticed a little tiny star that seemed to be moving. I stood very still to make sure that it wasn’t me wobbling in my slippers on the dark stairs. Yes, I was right, it wasn’t a star, it was a satellite slowly traversing its way across the early morning heavens. We used to lie on a deck in Fiji and search for satellites in the zillions of stars in that darkest of skies and be thrilled when we spotted one. Here where there is so much ambient light, it’s less likely to see one and this morning, in the illuminated sky with my glorious moon, here it was. Here is the tie-in with Deepak’s story:

Someone (whom I’ll never meet)  in one of over 50 countries that make and launch satellites, got the contract to build this exact one I saw this morning.  The bottom line ticket  for one of these things is at least $300,000,000+ with no guarantee that the launch will be successful which isn’t always. To get a satellite in orbit takes a rocket where every single detail works properly including getting the satellite to then circle the earth, and this time, in the exact place where I saw it fly over me this morning. If I had slept one more minute or stopped to grab a drink of water, or Murphy hadn’t been standing at the door whining at me, I would have missed it! All things had to converge perfectly, something I would never have been able to orchestrate! I walked back in the house and shook my head smiling. I’m interpreting this as a huge thumbs up from the Universe, my power is in my heart-based focus and I’m right on track!

I have a few of those things in my stash that make me know I’m being guided and watched over. Any time the clock lines up with 1:11 or 11:11 or the date is 11/11 and I just happen to see it or look at my cell phone exactly then, or see the odometer at 1111 miles,  I use as an excuse to remind me I’m connected to my Guidance and all is well. One day at the grocery store, a check out clerk got excited when she rang up my food, “Oh My God! I’ve never seen this, you need to go buy lottery tickets!” she said. The receipt said $111.11! Hummingbirds are another, Monarch butterflies too. It’s my version of ‘dig the well before you’re thirsty’. I stockpile these little events so when I’m feeling a little confused or overwhelmed or lonely, and one of these ‘signs’ shows itself to me, I feel blessed all over again. My good friends Esther Hicks and Abraham sometimes refer to God as the Great Concierge who today orchestrated getting me up extra early, walking outside and looking in the exact location where that little sparkly diamond was crossing the night sky. And some time ago, maybe years, the Concierge arranged for that advanced discovery of technology to be built, then launched by someone somewhere on this planet Earth using money and rocket fuel and science on the perfect day with perfect weather so we all connected exactly like we were supposed to this very morning. This is yet another version of faith for me.

Enjoy your own notifications that you’re on the right track my friend!


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