Yugen Series #1: Grace Upon Grace
48″ X 48″
Oil and Encaustic


Yugen Series #8: Infinity


This piece became emotional and revelatory for me. Contemplating this circle of life is both thrilling and anxiety causing. We all want to experience more. More time, more love, more surprise and mystery, more fulfillment and freedom. Conjuring feelings of infinity assuages the shortage consciousness for me. This piece gained speed and momentum as soon as the concept of infinity unfurled. Seeds are beginnings and endings and transitions beget celebrations within the infinite nature of all life. My painting was interrupted by a dive trip to ˜Tonga where I swam with humpback whales and their young, watched the black night sky in the Southern Hemisphere, learned intricate and purposeful knot tying and contemplated life on the open seas. And the name Cecil? It was my father’s name. And the name of the lion in Zimbabwe whose memory it serves us to remember our connection to all that is.


Yugen Series #8: Infinity Close-up