Ancient Yantra

Art on December 2, 2016

Ancient Yantra
36″ X 36″
Oil and Encaustic

My first trip to India was enchanting. In a rural desert landscape an hour outside the pink city of Jaipur, we had lunch in a palace formerly belonging to the Maharajah as his summer home. It was spectacular and the man tending the interior was this man. His kindness and desire to relate his culture to our group touched me and when I spent this time painting him, I continued to be affected.

Sometimes when I paint, and I think this is transcendental, I can tune in and capture the essence of someone. When that happens, it’s as if the time I spend is energy loaded into a painting that continues to have power long after the piece is done.

The designs around this man are ancient yantra designs I was able to find in India.


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