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Vitality on January 7, 2011

As a kid I wanted to spend every minute outdoors. The only time in the house was dictated by my parents wanting me to practice the accordion (yep, the accordion!) and to read the books I devoured from my weekly bookmobile visit. While my mom and dad were Colorado outdoorsmen, they weren’t athletic and didn’t encourage that in me either. Up until I turned 40, I didn’t exercise much and then some bug bit me. I had moved to California, land of endless summer, and in any daylight moment, you could see runners, cyclists, surfers and swimmers where I lived.  It was also a great healthy community that I yearned to be part of. Thank God for that! And thank God for people I’ve met who have been dedicated trainers, yoga teachers, chiropractors, body workers, acupuncturists, nutritionists, colon therapists, and phenomenal athletes!

I created this special part of Everything Becky because I’m committed to the best health and vitality we can have. Even though my parents loved the great outdoors, they led extremely unhealthy lives due to bad habits and poor choices. They left this planet in their 60’s, way earlier than they could have, should they have honored the one and only vehicle they had to navigate with through life, their bodies. I felt cheated with no parents and no grandparents for my children, and the grief turned into a spark of commitment to take care of myself.  We are body, mind and spirit and I think one more thing that’s paramount: environment. Who we hang out with is whom we will become like. I love a beautiful meal and a glass of champagne and the good life but I’m reminded that it all must exist in moderation.

The brilliant people I’ve met and the principles they’ve taught me are worthy of sharing and with my next posts in this area, I’ll be attributing to them their influence on my lifestyle so you can meet them too! This next decade promises to be my most healthy and vital ever because I know I’m responsible for myself. My trainer Franz Snideman says, “Motion is Lotion”. Cheers to that, right?!


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